In May ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH was commissioned to support the protection of a high-ranking European delegation and VIP during a state visit. ESG´s modular C-UAS system complemented the security architecture provided by the German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr) and its allies at a NATO Air Base in Germany.

Following a request made at extremely short notice, the ESG team provided sensors and operators to ensure the highest level of security from drone threats. As a result, it was possible to significantly improve the situation assessment for the air traffic control officers and the security forces deployed and to successfully enforce compliance with the no-fly zone established around the NATO Air Base.

The exceptional proficiency and adaptability of ESG’s Counter-UAS team left a lasting impression. The modular C-UAS system’s swift integration into established and short-notice security frameworks demonstrated their expertise and agility. ESG’s Counter-UAS team was crucial in aiding the military and police security forces in accomplishing their missions effectively.

Once again, ESG´s Counter-UAS team impressed with its outstanding expertise and agility – the ability to quickly integrate their modular C-UAS system into existing security architectures or those created at short notice and to successfully support the mission fulfillment of the military and police security forces.

ESG has been one of the leading German providers of design, integration, operation, and in-service support of complex, security-related electronic and IT systems for more than five decades. In Germany and internationally, ESG provides products and services for customers from government authorities, the fields of defence and public security, and industry.
ESG is a certified aviation company for aircraft and aviation equipment for the Bundeswehr (German Armed Forces) and an aviation engineering company in line with EASA Part 21J, EASA Part 21G and EASA Part 145.

As a special systems company for mission avionics, simulation, and training, as well as special deployment systems, ESG offers customized solutions. Independent process and technology consulting is one of ESG’s key competencies. Technology transfer between markets significantly contributes to our customer’s added value.