The FAA’s Acting Administrator Billy Nolen has joined forces with Santa Claus to tell everyone to Play It Safe. This includes air travel, drone usage and laser usage. 

“Safety is the magic word during this most magical time of the year,” says Nolen and Santa. “We appreciate everyone who makes air travel safe, and they will definitely be on the nice list. Don’t let unsafe behavior land you on Santa and the FAA’s naughty list.” 

There are a few tips to ensure air travel safety this holiday season and the year to come: 

Family Travel: Flying is the top choice for traveling families. Here are tips to learn the best practices for keeping children under two safe while flying. The Department of Transportation has announced new practices for the year. U.S. airlines are being urged to do everything possible to ensure children 13 and under are seated next to an accompanying adult with no upcharge in price. 

Leave the Laser: Pointing a laser at an aircraft is extremely dangerous for those in the air and on the ground. This action is also a violation of federal law. All lasers, even those in a Christmas light display, pointing at the sky can temporarily blind pilots. 

PackSafe: Making it safely to your destination also includes knowing what can and cannot be in your bags. View what foods TSA clears for travel and how to pack safely. 

Drone Safety: Many forget that drones are truly aircraft. See three important steps all recreational drone flyers should take before their first flight. There is also a Getting Started | Federal Aviation Administration page to understand drone rules. Drone pilots must look for and obey all No Drone Zones.    

Be a Good Passenger: While holiday travel can be stressful with crowds and delays, remaining calm under pressure is key. The FAA has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to unruliness.