Multiple news outlets report that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will investigate the unauthorized drone incident that delayed the Baltimore Ravens vs Cincinnati football game at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore on Thursday.

In addition to other flight restrictions that may apply, Notice to Air Mission (NOTAM) 0/0367 restricts drone operations within three (3) nautical miles (5.56 km) of sporting events such as the National Football League, Major League Baseball, NASCAR, and NCAA Division 1 football events. The flight restrictions are in place one hour before to one hour after the event.

Per Associated Press reporting, when the drone breached the temporary flight restriction imposed by the FAA, the Maryland Stadium Authority reported that Maryland State Police and authority officials located the operator. The operator was instructed to land the drone promptly. According to the authority’s statement, the operator was unaware of the restrictions and lacked the necessary waiver to operate the drone in the stadium airspace during the game.

Drone operators involved in unsafe operations or who pose a risk to other aircraft or individuals on the ground may be subject to fines surpassing $30,000 from the FAA. Additionally, their drone operator pilot certificates could be suspended or revoked.

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Post Image- Aerial View of M&T Bank Stadium (Image Credit: Adobe Stock by dima)