Advanced Protection Systems (APS) emerged in 2015 as an innovative technology firm founded by Dr. Maciej Klemm, who serves as the CEO, and Dr. Radosław Piesiewicz, who assumes the role of COO, following their successful academic careers. APS initially concentrated on advancing radar technology and dedicated software development. With time, APS has evolved into a comprehensive solution provider, addressing the escalating demand for drone detection systems.

APS radar technology enables swifter, high-precision detection and classification of numerous low, slow, and small (LSS) airborne objects at lower altitudes.

The key factor behind APS’s growth in recent years is its capacity to deliver a cutting-edge radar system accompanied by user-friendly and customizable software. The company’s hardware is built upon a modular architecture, enhancing its adaptability and suitability for commercial and military clientele.

“APS has garnered a strong track record, building on past successes and unique features of its solutions. We believe that in the years to come the company is poised to execute a very ambitious international expansion strategy,” said Michał Kędzia, a partner at Enterprise Investors who is responsible for the investment, adding “APS is run by very entrepreneurial founders who are responsible for its rapid growth to date. We do look forward to partnering with them. I am convinced that EI’s vast experience in optimizing corporate structure, conceptualizing and implementing most favorable financing, as well as recruiting top executive talent will result in very fruitful” and lucrative collaboration”.

“With the support of Enterprise Investors, we plan to sustain dynamic growth and accelerate the development of our technological, manufacturing, and organizational capabilities. At the core of our business activity lies product quality and customer satisfaction, which are our top priorities. We are happy to have found a partner that shares our vision, supports our goals and believes in our potential,” said Dr. Maciej Klemm, co-founder and CEO of APS.

Enterprise Investors is one of the largest private equity firms in Central and Eastern Europe. Active since 1990, the firm has raised ten funds. These funds have invested and committed EUR 2.2 billion in 155 companies and exited 137 companies. (Press Release)

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