Flights were suspended due to drone activity near the airport

Flights at Dublin Airport were suspended on Tuesday evening for about 30 minutes after illegal drone activity was reported in the area. It is illegal to fly a drone within five kilometers (3.1 miles) of the airport.

During the 30-minute delay, no flights were diverted to other airports in the area. The disruption lasted from 8:22 pm to 8:52 pm. Some aircraft, however, were forced to circle the airspace until it was declared safe to approach.

Shortly after the incident, DAA management announced the suspension of flights, citingsafety protocols due to a confirmed drone sighting. The DAA definition of what constitutes a confirmed drone sighting was not specified.

Ryanair also commented via a statement on Twitter regarding the incident:

Ryanair statement on Twitter regarding their frustrations with the suspension of operations.
Ryanair tweet expressing frustrations over the suspension of operations at Dublin Airport.


The incident happened on the same day in which it was announced that an individual was arrested for causing a security alert by flying a drone into a “critical area” of Dublin Airport last summer. Ainis Guzauksas was charged with an offence under section 43 of the Air Navigation and Transport Act, 1988. He appeared in Dublin District Court on February 21, 2023.

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