The Global Drone Security Network (GDSN) is the only event of its kind focusing on Cyber-UAV security, Drone Threat Intelligence, Counter-UAS, and UTM security. Speakers currently work within drone bug bounty programs, counter-uas operations, threat intelligence, first responders, physical security guards, laws and regulations and more.

Schedule and Video Timestamps

00:00:00 – Introduction and Welcome
00:13:40 – The State of Drone Security – Analysing 1000+ drone incidents by Mike Monnik
01:03:40 – Drone Security & Law Enforcement by Christopher Church
}02:02:11 – Securing High Value Assets from above while grappling with the cost/benefit equation by Kim James
02:59:20 – C-UAS against Swarms by Ulf Barth
03:59:15 – Security of a drone platform by Victor Vuillard
04:59:10 – Five next-gen UAV evolutions every sensitive site should open their eyes to by Lucas Le Bell 06:04:05 – The Need for Drone Forensic Investigation Standardisation by Evangelos Mantas
07:00:24 – Counter-UAS: Legal Challenges and Solutions for Research and Development by Jacob Tewes
08:02:30 – UAV Threats to the Oil and Gas Industry by David Kovar
09:08:13 – Closing remarks