Hyderabad, India-based Grene Robotics has completed the successful acquisition of C4ISRT platform from Apogee C4I LLP. This first-of-its-kind indigenous defense technology company has received multiple validations and implementations.

In 2021, Grene Robotics introduced the world’s only comprehensive Autonomous Drone Security System – Indrajaal™.  Indrajaal™ can cover vast areas of up to 4000 sq. km per system and can provide a comprehensive framework to defend against all classifications and all levels of autonomous drones. The system defends against various low RCS threats, including medium and high-altitude long endurance (MALE & HALE) UAVs, loitering munition, smart bombs, rocket showers, nano and micro drones, swarm drones, and more.

To further bolster Indrajaal™’s capabilities, Grene Robotics has strategically acquired deep tech IP from Apogee C4I to further enhance its drone and anti-drone defense program. This move is expected to strengthen the company’s capabilities in the defense sector significantly and contribute to the advancement of larger implementations on a national and international level, establishing Grene Robotics as a leading global provider of counter-drone security systems. Apogee’s deep-tech defense technology is a powerful stack that provides Grene Robotics with a competitive edge in the market, ensuring that it stays ahead of the curve.

Kiran Raju, Founder & CEO, Grene Robotics said, “We are pleased to announce the completion of the acquisition of Apogee C4I’s deep tech defence IP. IndrajaalTM is the world’s only anti-drone system that can defend against all classifications and all levels of autonomous drones. With the integration of Apogee’s advanced deep tech platform, we aim to bolster IndrajaalTM‘s anti-drone capabilities further.”

Wg Cdr MVN Sai (Retd), Director of Emerging Technologies, Grene Robotics said, “By leveraging Apogee C4I’s deep-tech capabilities, IndrajaalTM will be able to detect and classify drones in real-time, provide unparalleled situational awareness and enable proactive air defence measures. The now combined capabilities of Grene Robotics and Apogee C4I will help set a new industry standard for anti-drone solutions future-proofing protection against emerging low RCS threats.”

Vamsi Vellanki, Executive Director – Finance & Investments said, “We expect this acquisition to significantly increase shareholder value and drive the company’s growth. In a recent report, the global anti-drone market is projected to reach USD 12.6 billion by 2030, with a compound annual growth rate of 27.65% from 2022 to 2030. With the deep-tech capabilities, we can enhance our offerings, streamline operations, and stay ahead of competitors, showcasing our commitment to innovation and industry leadership.”

About Grene Robotics

Grene Robotics is a cutting-edge, deep-tech research and development company specializing in providing innovative solutions in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. The company focuses on developing AI-driven autonomic systems for the defense, enterprise, and government sectors. These systems are designed to be self-managing and capable of learning from their environments, allowing them to dynamically evolve and adapt to changing circumstances.

About Apogee C4I LLP

Apogee C4I is a deep-tech defense company specializing in Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance, and Targeting (C4ISRT), and Air Space Management. Founded by a team of defense veterans, Apogee’s mission is to transform the nation’s warfighting capabilities through intelligent systems.

Apogee C4I’s expertise includes developing data processing and analytics systems, network-centric communications technologies, and advanced sensor systems. The company’s products and services include C4ISRT solutions for land, sea, and air-based operations, as well as Air Space Management systems for the monitoring and control of airspace. Its solutions are used by defense organizations worldwide, including government agencies, armed forces, and private security firms.