Protection against Unmanned Aircraft Systems is a resource written by the European Commission Joint Research Centre.

The primary objective of this handbook is to offer guidance to a broad spectrum of stakeholders, including security and law enforcement personnel, site and building owners, event organizers, government entities, engineers, and other responsible parties. It is designed to assist in safeguarding critical infrastructure and public areas from the escalating global threat posed by the malicious use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), commonly known as drones.

Specifically, the handbook recommends a robust and practical approach to physically fortifying non-military infrastructure and public spaces against this borderless and evolving challenge. It addresses prevalent deficiencies in the design of security solutions. It strives to present a straightforward, self-contained guide to facilitate the selection of appropriate measures capable of mitigating and deterring potential attacks.

Publication Date- 2023

Protection against Unmanned Aircraft Systems contains the following major sections:

  • UAS overview and categorisation
  • Risk assessment
  • Physical hardening against UAS-related threats
  • Conclusions

The reuse of this document is authorized under the Creative Commons Attribute 4.0 International (CC by 4.0) license.

Author- European Commission Joint Research Centre

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