Robotican, an Israeli company, has ambitious plans to deploy its ‘Goshawk’ drones as first responders for police, ambulance, and fire services throughout Israel.

Initially designed as a drone interceptor, the Goshawk boasts rapid deployment, taking off in under 10 seconds and achieving speeds of 110 kph. Its ability to navigate unhindered by ground obstacles allows it to reach scenes swiftly, providing first responders with real-time information through its high-quality camera. This capability empowers ground teams to assess situations beforehand, enabling them to take immediate and well-informed actions, such as firefighting strategies or providing necessary medical care. Additionally, the drone’s presence at crime scenes can deter criminal behavior and safeguard property and officers from harm.

Photo of the Robotican trailer with drone launching
The Robotican Goshawk, with airspace awareness provided by High Lander’s Universal UTM (Image Credit: High Lander)


However, for this system to be successfully integrated, primarily if it operates autonomously, the drones must safely coexist within civil airspace. To address this, High Lander‘s Universal UTM plays a crucial role. The UTM facilitates flight plan approvals and adjustments for the Goshawks, offers real-time flight monitoring, provides in-flight conflict warnings, and prioritizes first-response drones over other drones, similar to how first-response road units receive the right of way. Through this seamless integration, the two systems form a nationwide network of first-response drones that harmoniously operate within civilian airspace.

The successful completion of simulated flights marks the first stage of this integration. As a result, in times of trouble, people in Israel can now listen for the buzz of a drone coming to their aid instead of searching for Superman. (Press Release)

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Image Credit- Robotican Goshawk drone (Image Credit: High Lander)