On September 1st, High Point Aerotech showcased its Sawtooth system with DefenseOS at the Tech Runway at Helsinki East Aerodrome, hosting military and police organizations from various European countries. This event served as a testament to High Point Aerotech’s proficiency in countering Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) threats.

In collaboration with Sweden’s Securify AB, the demonstration featured successful automated detection, tracking, and identification, incorporating passive RF sensing from MyDefence, radar technology from Echodyne, and optics from G5 Infrared. The event garnered overwhelmingly positive feedback during and after the demonstration, a testament to the strong partnerships with companies like Echodyne and MyDefence.

“High Point Aerotechnologies and Echodyne have collaborated on C-UAS solutions for many years,” said Eben Frankenberg, Echodyne CEO. “We’re pleased that HPA has now integrated our newest radar, EchoShield, into their Sawtooth CUAS system, taking full advantage of the radar’s reliability and precision. When combined with High Point’s software and hardware engineering – EchoShield should maximize C-UAS capabilities for HPA’s customers.”

Morten Johansen, CCO of MyDefence, added, “We are excited to collaborate with High Point Aerotech, utilizing our Watchdog passive RF sensors. We take immense pride in the rigorous development standards of our sensors, and it’s truly gratifying to witness HPA seamlessly integrate our sensors into the Sawtooth system, providing impressive results. We firmly believe in the power of partnerships, and HPA is a highly esteemed collaborator with whom we value our ongoing relationship.”

Dirk Manley, a senior executive at High Point Aerotech, states, “The strategic partnerships we have forged with Echodyne and MyDefence have significantly enhanced the value proposition of the Sawtooth system. By bringing together our respective expertise, we have developed a world-class solution that combines unmatched detection capabilities with unrivaled defeat capabilities.”  (Press Release)

High Point Aerotechnologies

High Point Aerotechnologies is a technology company providing autonomous layered defense and robotic systems for multi-mission capabilities. The company is the product of acquisitions of Liteye Systems and Black Sage Technologies and builds on the legacy of these storied counter-uncrewed system brands. High Point exists at the cutting edge of modern defense, developing solutions that are scalable, interoperable, open, and integrated directly into civil and military systems. Since 2002, our systems have been tested, trusted, and scaled by military and civilian organizations in over 15 countries around the world to defend against UxS and emerging autonomous threats.

Image Credit: High Point Aerotechnologies