Working Towards a Common Goal: Building an Effective Homeland Security Response Through a Shared Resource Model is a Naval Postgraduate School thesis by James R. Zuggi, Sr.

Community service can be enhanced through improved efficiency and effectiveness by fostering collaboration among law enforcement agencies. Such collaboration, often realized through partnerships and other strategies, aims to boost productivity. While the advantages of functional partnerships are evident, there is a need for further examination of their outcomes. This thesis explores the comparative efficacy of a shared resource model versus consolidations in concurrent jurisdictions, aiming to identify the more efficient and effective approach for law enforcement and homeland security responses.

The study evaluates two prevalent law enforcement collaboration models: complete and functional consolidation and a shared resource model. Complete or functional consolidations, exemplified by New York City’s merging of three independent police agencies into one department in 1995, are common approaches in various jurisdictions. The thesis scrutinizes consolidations nationwide to assess whether the chosen method significantly improves outcomes. Despite the popularity of law enforcement consolidation, it often falls short of anticipated results.

In contrast, a shared resource model emerges as a potentially more effective and efficient alternative without the challenges associated with consolidating police agencies. This model attains the expected benefits without encountering the drawbacks outlined in the thesis. The study suggests that law enforcement agencies should conduct a comprehensive evaluation before contemplating complete or functional consolidations to determine whether adopting a shared resource model could yield the anticipated benefits without the complexities associated with agency consolidation.

Publication Date– September 2023

Working Towards a Common Goal: Building an Effective Homeland Security Response Through a Shared Resource Model contains the following major sections:

  • Introduction
  • Measuring the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Law Enforcement and Homeland Security Response
  • Collaboration Through Consolidation
  • An Alternative to Consolidation
  • Conclusion

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Author- James R. Zuggi, Sr

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