This week a House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology markup, the Committee passed H.R. 3560, the National Drone and Advanced Air Mobility Research and Development Act, with bipartisan support.

The legislation aims to establish a cohesive federal initiative encompassing research and mission agencies, with the goal of fostering and supporting research and development endeavors in unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and advanced air mobility technologies (AAM). By doing so, it seeks to uphold U.S. leadership in these critical domains.

As the demand for drones continues to rise in both business and government sectors, the UAS market is projected to exceed $63 billion by 2025, a substantial increase from its $5 billion value in 2018. However, the current dominance of a single Chinese drone manufacturer associated with the Chinese Communist Party raises concerns regarding economic development and national security. Therefore, it becomes imperative to foster and enhance the domestic drone industry to ensure both economic prosperity and safeguard national interests.

“We’re already dangerously behind when it comes to the production of UAS. To say China has cornered this market is an understatement,” said Chairman Lucas. “This bill will develop strong, safe, and secure domestic UAS and AAM industries that will grow our economy and counter foreign threats. I want to thank Ranking Member Lofgren for working with me to put together a strong bipartisan bill. I’m proud to move it forward at this critical time where we face mounting global competition.”

“I’m glad to have moved another bipartisan bill through the Science Committee,” said Ranking Member Zoe Lofgren. “The bill we passed today represents a strong collaborative effort by Committee Members and staff on both sides of the aisle, and I thank them for their hard work. By supporting unmanned aircraft systems research and development, we are putting our best foot forward to bolster U.S. leadership in this burgeoning industry. This cross-cutting approach to supporting UAS involves many of our science agencies, and is key to our economic and national security. I thank Chairman Lucas for his leadership and look forward to passing this bill on the House floor soon.”

Post Image- View of the U.S. Capitol Building dome (Image Credit: envatoelements by MyLove4Art)

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