This bill, sponsored by Representative Jefferson Van Drew (R-NJ-2), directs the Department of Transportation (DOT) to rename the Office of NextGen as the Office of Advanced Aviation, which will be a part of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The responsibilities of the new office will involve coordinating rulemaking and approval processes related to advanced aviation systems, including drones, supersonic aircraft technologies, and counter-unmanned aircraft systems.

Furthermore, the bill establishes an Office of Advanced Integration within the Office of Advanced Aviation.

In addition, the DOT is required to establish an Advanced Aviation Coordination Unit within the FAA. The primary role of this unit will be to promote the safe and responsible integration of advanced aviation systems into the national airspace system.

Moreover, the DOT will redesignate the William J. Hughes Technical Center as the William J. Hughes Technical Center for Advanced Aviation. This center will be responsible for creating and managing a program to evaluate proposed aviation-related technologies for use in the national airspace system and facilitating the integration of these technologies into the system.

The full text of H.R. 220, the Advanced Aviation Act is attached below.

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Post Image- Washington, D.C. in the Spring (Image Credit: envatoelements by SeanPavone)