InDro Robotics reported that their drone detection system played a role in ensuring the safety of Air Force One during Joe Biden’s first visit as U.S. President to Canada.

InDro Robotics plays a crucial role as a technology partner in the Ottawa International Airport (YOW) Drone Detection Pilot Project by providing drone detection hardware and software. Its technology is capable of detecting drone activity not only in the vicinity of YOW but also at far distances.

Prior to President Biden’s visit, the US Secret Service and an advance team from Air Force One visited YOW for preparatory measures. They were interested in being briefed on airport security, encompassing both sky and ground security measures. This included familiarizing themselves with YOW’s Drone Detection Pilot Project, which has a proven track record of accurately detecting drones at and beyond the airport for several years. The program has garnered significant media coverage, including a 2022 cover story in WINGS magazine.

When the Secret Service and those involved with Air Force One visited YOW on an advance reconnaissance trip, one of the first questions asked was about drones.

“They asked do we have a drone detection capability – and we were quite proud to tell them that we have probably the best at any airport in the country,” says Michael Beaudette, VP of Security, Emergency Management and Customer Transportation at YOW.

“It provides us with situational awareness not only of the immediate area, but throughout the National Capital Region up to almost 40 kilometers.”

Certain areas of Ottawa’s downtown core are designated restricted airspace because of the House of Commons, Embassies and other sensitive locations.

“During his (Biden’s) visit we paid particular attention to anything flying near the Ottawa airport or downtown,” says Beaudette. “Law enforcement are aware of the capabilities we have. It’s a good partnership and we were happy to be able to give something back to the police and intelligence services.”

Indro Robotics Partners

The drone detection system relies on essential technology provided by InDro, while other key partners, such as Accipiter Radar, Aerial Armor, and Skycope, contribute their own technology. Skycope, a Canadian company, utilizes a database of distinct radio frequency signatures emitted by various drone brands. NAV Canada is also involved in the project, while Transport Canada stays updated on the operation’s generated data.

The system’s effectiveness was proven during the massive convoy protest in downtown Ottawa early in 2022. It detected multiple flights of drones in restricted airspace where UAVs are not permitted to fly. Those detections were covered by the Ottawa Citizen. (Indro Press Release)

For additional information on airspace awareness and protection at airports, visit C-UAS Hub Airports.