The Joint Navigation Warfare Center (JNWC) is assisting the Joint Counter-UAS Office (JCO) in conducting a field evaluation of counter-UAS systems and capabilities of the U.S. Army and Navy in a navigation warfare (NAVWAR) environment. With their technical expertise, JNWC will develop and provide six flight-instrumented payloads, enabling real-time collection and analysis of NAVWAR environment data for the JCO. These payloads will be integrated into a Super Mugin-6 Pro 6000mm unmanned aerial vehicle provided by the JCO, facilitating comprehensive assessment and enhancing understanding of the operational dynamics in NAVWAR scenarios.

Original Publish Date: June 29, 2023, 9:10 MDT

Original Date Offers Due: July 7, 2023, 11:59 pm MDT

This is a Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB) Program Set-Aside (FAR 19.15)

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The Mugin 6000mm VTOL is an enhanced version of the Mugin 4450 VTOL, featuring an extended wingspan of 6000mm. The purpose behind this design modification is to achieve an extended flight time of up to 10 hours. By increasing the wingspan, the Mugin 6000mm VTOL aims to enhance its endurance capabilities, enabling longer and more efficient missions in various applications.

Post Image- Mugin 6000mm VTOL (Image Credit: MuginUAV)