An Israeli delegation headed by Yuli Edelstein visited Kyiv, where Knesset lawmakers met with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. He notes that Iran’s role in the Russian aggression is blatantly apparent, as they supply the suicide drones used to attack Ukrainian critical infrastructure. 

“I have seen with my own eyes what is happening in the region,” says Edelstein in a Twitter post. “Iranian technology and weapons are being used by Russia and provide Iran with combat experience. We must no longer sit on the fence. Israel must support Ukraine against the dangerous combination of Russia and Iran.” 

Through a joint statement, Edelstein and Ze’ev Elkin, an Israeli opposition MP, called upon Netanyahu’s cabinet to step up their support of Ukraine. The Jerusalem Post reported that they called on the government to provide Kyiv with anti-missile and counter-drone systems. 

“We must assist Ukraine in all realms where Israel technology – including military – is capable of helping protect the civilian population, its liberty, and its independence,” as noted in the joint statement. 

A Ukrainian official told Reuters that he was “cautiously encouraged” by the joint statement, as it is “the first one that fully aligned with our vision or the reality of our two countries.” (Israel). 

On February 16th, Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen visited Kyiv. He is the first top Israeli official to visit Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian invasion. Cohen promised Kyiv an early aerial threat warning system and was passed a list of weapons Ukraine needs. There was a focus on air defense systems. 

Israel has officially condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine. They are providing humanitarian aid, short of weapons. The New York Times reports that Jerusalem has secretly been helping Kyiv with intelligence sharing, specifically around countering Iranian kamikaze drones. 

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