Over the weekend, it was reported by Al Jazeera that a drone carrying crystal meth flying from Syria into Jordanian territory was “taken control of and downed.” The Jordan Armed Forces frequently encounter drones carrying drugs from Syria but rarely have the seized drugs been identified as crystal meth.

Amid conflict-ridden Syria, a thriving multibillion-dollar drug trade has taken root. Western anti-narcotics authorities point to Jordan as a primary transit route to the Gulf states, where a Syrian-produced amphetamine called Captagon is destined. This trade has garnered significant attention due to its scale.

Efforts to counter the burgeoning smuggling issue have prompted discussions between military and security representatives from both Jordan and Syria. Despite assurances from Damascus, Jordan asserts that it has yet to witness any substantial endeavor to quell this illicit trade.

In June, the Jordanian military disclosed its successful interception of three drones attempting to cross from Syria into Jordan, among which one was carrying a payload of weapons.

Arab News reported on Wednesday that an official statement from the General Command of the Jordanian Armed Forces conveyed that a drone carrying TNT explosives originating from Syrian territory was successfully intercepted. The collaborative efforts of the Drug Control Department and military security services played a pivotal role in foiling the smuggling attempt.

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Post Image- A photograph from the Jordanian army’s website depicts of a drone identified as transporting crystal meth, allegedly entering Jordanian territory from its neighboring country, Syria, on August 13, 2023. (Image Credit: Jordan Armed Forces/Handout via Reuters)