Electro Optic Systems (EOS) unveiled its Australian-manufactured kinetic counter-drone system, called the “Slinger,” at its production facility located in Canberra.

The Hon. Matt Thistlethwaite MP, Assistant Minister for Defence, commended the cutting-edge domestic technology during the launch event and expressed his ongoing admiration for the world-class capabilities of Australia’s defence industry.

Executive Vice President of EOS Defence Systems, Mr Matt Jones, said EOS was excited to launch the Slinger in response to growing international demand for advanced counter-drone technologies.

“This is a big day for Australia, the Slinger is a cutting-edge capability that demonstrates Australian innovation can lead the world in response to global security needs,” said Mr. Jones. He added, “We have applied the hard-won lessons from the battlefields, including Ukraine, to our Slinger system, ensuring it will give real edge to those looking to hit back against the growing threat of drones.”

Slinger Counter-Drone System

The Slinger counter-drone system takes inspiration from the ancient Slinger soldier, who was famous for their ability to launch small stones with remarkable precision to defeat enemies from afar. This Australian-manufactured system uses a single, lethal shot to neutralize modern drone threats effectively.

Electro Optic Systems (EOS) "Slinger" (Photo Credit: EOS)
Electro Optic Systems’ (EOS) Slinger (Photo Credit: EOS)


EOS’ Slinger integrates a radar, a 30mm cannon that employs specially designed ammunition, and the company’s exclusive stabilization and pointing technology, which together enables effective counter-drone operations. Capable of tracking and selectively engaging moving drones at a distance exceeding 800 meters, the Slinger is equipped with unique ammunition that makes it ideal for deployment in populated areas.

Developed in Australia for export markets, the Slinger is purpose-built to tackle contemporary and emerging threats by leveraging insights gained from recent conflicts like those in Ukraine.


  • High-precision weapon platform weighing less than 400 kg
  • Fully stabilized for on-the-move operation
  • Exquisite pointing technology for extreme accuracy
  • 4-axis sighting system with a sensor unit that moves independently of the gun in both elevation and azimuth
  • Bushmaster M230LF 30x113mm cannon
  • Lightweight 30mm Proximity Sensing Ammunition with radio frequency proximity fuzed, high explosive, fragmentation round
  • Echodyne ultra-low size, weight, and power (SWaP) 4D targeting radar with active beam-steering ESA
  • Wind sensor

About EOS

EOS is Australia’s largest sovereign defence industry exporter and a trusted provider of advanced military technology to the Australian Defence Force, employing approximately 300 staff across Australia, with more than 100 Australian companies in its supply chain.

EOS announced in April that it had secured two separate conditional contracts worth up to US$80m (approximately ~A$120m) and US$41m (approximately A$61m) to supply its industry-leading weapon systems to Ukraine. Under the first contract, EOS will provide up to one hundred Remote Weapon Systems (RWS), while the second contract entails up to fifty RWS units. To fulfill these orders, EOS will leverage its extensive support network and supply chain, which comprises over one hundred suppliers from Australia and other international locations.

Post Image- The Slinger aimed at a target drone (Image Credit: EOS)

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