Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc., a technology company specializing in defense, national security, and global markets, has announced the reception of approximately $50 million in recent awards for products and hardware. These awards include support for Counter Unmanned Aerial Systems (C-UAS), Air Defense, and Radar Systems. The total value encompasses contracts and programs granted to Kratos on a single award or sole source basis. Kratos is a leading industry player in systems, hardware, and microwave electronics, particularly for CUAS, unmanned aerial drones, missiles, radar, and air defense systems. The company prioritizes affordability as a key technology, with offerings designed for rapid, cost-effective manufacturing and production at scale. The work for these awards will take place at secure Kratos manufacturing facilities and customer locations. Due to security, competitive, and other considerations, no further information will be disclosed.

Eric DeMarco, President and CEO of Kratos, emphasized the company’s commitment to supporting the defense and security needs of the U.S. warfighter and allied forces, especially in current contested and high-intensity conflict areas worldwide. He highlighted Kratos’ competitive edge in rapidly developing, producing, and delivering relevant and affordable solutions at scale. DeMarco views this capability as a key differentiator for Kratos, benefiting the company, its customers, teammates, and partners in the contemporary global security and defense landscape. (Press Release)

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Post Image- The Kratos XQ-58 Valkyrie is an experimental stealthy unmanned combat aerial vehicle designed and built by Kratos Defense & Security Solutions for the United States Air Force Low-Cost Attritable Strike Demonstrator program, under the USAF Research Laboratory’s Low-Cost Attritable Aircraft Technology project portfolio. (Image Credit: Air Force Research Laboratory- Photo by Donna Lindner)