Leonardo UK Ltd. and its U.S.-based subsidiary, Leonardo Electronics US Inc., have formally signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with U.S.-based Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC), cementing their partnership to jointly address various international defense and security markets. This collaboration aims to capitalize on the technical expertise of each company and leverage their strengths in specific markets where they possess relevant infrastructure and experience.

SNC, with over 40 locations spread across 19 U.S. states, will play a pivotal role in supporting the further growth of Leonardo Electronics US Inc. by bolstering its engineering, assembly, and manufacturing capabilities. Simultaneously, Leonardo will leverage its successful track record of exporting airborne sensor products and its close collaboration with customers in the European, Middle Eastern, and Asia Pacific regions. SNC’s capabilities will be integrated to enhance the value of pertinent projects, making this partnership a strategic and mutually beneficial endeavor.

Mark Hamilton, Managing Director of Electronics UK, Leonardo said: “The United States is a strategic market for Leonardo, and SNC is a leader in innovative technology solutions for aerospace and defense. Our relationship to date has proven extremely successful, and it makes sense for us to expand this further in one of our strategic domains. We look forward to working with SNC to deliver world-class defense solutions and electronics capabilities to the U.S. and beyond.”

Leonardo and SNC have a history of successful collaboration on various projects for both U.S. and international customers. Notably, SNC has chosen Leonardo as its preferred radar supplier for maritime patrol aircraft programs. Most recently, SNC selected Leonardo to provide its Osprey 50 E-scan surveillance radar for the RAPCON-X intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) aircraft. This ongoing partnership highlights the mutual trust and confidence in each other’s capabilities, leading to the successful implementation of critical projects in the aerospace and defense industry.

Tim Owings, Executive Vice President, Mission Solutions and Technologies, SNC said: “In my time at SNC, I have witnessed its impressive growth. From expanding across the U.S. to now having locations in the U.K. and Germany, it’s been an honor to be part of this journey. To collaborate with Leonardo – a proven, trusted partner – to support further expansion simply makes sense.”

With a well-established, transparent, and reliable working relationship, both companies are now looking ahead to future joint ventures. There are possibilities for expanding their collaboration, particularly in connection with the RAPCON-X family of systems. Additionally, opportunities in the electronic warfare (EW) domain are being explored, drawing upon the expertise of products like the Leonardo SAGE Electronic Support Measure (ESM) system. The shared vision for future projects reflects the strength of their partnership and the potential to make significant strides in cutting-edge technology and defense capabilities.

The two companies possess complementary technologies and capabilities that have the potential to significantly enhance the warfighter’s capabilities. SNC is renowned for its unique mission applications, while Leonardo offers top-tier sensors that cover a wide range within the electromagnetic spectrum. Their expertise spans from radio frequency (RF), which includes radar and electronic warfare (EW), to electro-optics (EO).

Both companies are proficient in integration, with Leonardo leading the way in in-depth sensor integration research as part of its involvement in the Global Combat Air Programme (GCAP). On the other hand, SNC excels in rapid engineering, integration of intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) solutions, and the ability to reconfigure aircraft of various sizes and shapes to deliver the most optimal mission solution for its customers. This synergy positions them well to offer immediate and enhanced capabilities to benefit the warfighter.