Leonardo has launched two new turrets for naval and land defense, including Counter-small Uncrewed Aircraft (C-sUAS) mitigation missions, exhibiting them for the first time at Seafuture (La Spezia, 5-8 June). The turrets, the LIONFISH® 30 and the HITFIST® 30 UL bring advanced new capabilities and performance to their respective product families. Both remote-controlled turrets integrate the new 30mm X-GUN, an ITAR-free, electrically-powered weapon system developed in-house by Leonardo, incorporating innovative, patented technologies.

The LIONFISH® 30 naval turret joins Leonardo’s range of small-caliber LIONFISH® products, which includes the 12.7mm Ultralight, Inner Reloading, and Top models, as well as a 20mm version. The 30’s compact and lightweight design allows for installation on small platforms, enabling protection from all types of asymmetric threats, including drones and helicopters, within complex scenarios with multiple targets or multi-targets. This capability is driven by sophisticated Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms that perform contextual analysis and optimize engagement against multiple simultaneous threats. Other distinctive features include a fast rate of fire, long operating range, and the ability to use new-concept high-efficiency air burst ammunition with preformed fragmentation which is designed to be more effective against aerial threats such as mini and micro-sized drones. The system shares several features with other LIONFISH family models, including architecture, its ability to be controlled remotely via a high-resolution local console, and its ease of use and maintenance. The new turret also has an electro-optical suite that enables 360° surveillance and tracking.

Leonardo is presenting the HITFIST® 30 UL (Unmanned Light) remote-controlled turret for the land domain. More compact and lighter than other HITFIST family variants, the system can be installed on vehicles with stringent weight restrictions, such as amphibious models. It is effective against all types of asymmetrical threats via airburst ammunition.

Leonardo has designed these new defense systems for use in modern, continuously evolving operational scenarios where threats, especially from the air, are becoming increasingly complex. The new models join a portfolio that includes the best-selling 76/62 Super Rapido and 127/64 Light Weight Vulcano guns for the naval domain and the 105/120 HITFACT® and 25/30 HITFIST® turrets for the land domain, which are in service with dozens of countries worldwide.

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Post Image- Leonardo turret that can be used for a variety of missions, including C-sUAS mitigation (Image Credit: Leonardo)