MARSS played a significant role in the recently held Red Sands Live Fire Counter-UAS Exercise in Saudi Arabia. The exercise strengthens the military ties and coordination between the United States and Saudi Arabia and showcases how different technologies can defeat various attacks. Additionally, the exercise aims to formulate procedures for countering Unmanned Aerial Systems (C-UAS) and enhance the defensive preparedness of the two nations against evolving UAS threats.

The live exercise represented a highly intricate operation, encompassing diverse counter-UAS technologies, various UAS targets, and intricate scenarios based on sophisticated enemy tactics, techniques, and procedures.

Numerous participants and systems were actively involved in the exercise, with MARSS utilizing its innovative NiDAR technology.

Jeff Tipton, Business Development Director in Defence at MARSS, stated,  “Through our involvement in the live exercise, MARSS was able to demonstrate the effectiveness of our live NiDAR Command and Control Centre to the US CENTCOM Commander, as well as the Chief of General Staff of the Royal Saudi Armed Forces and his Component Commanders. It was a pleasure to be involved, and truly exciting to work with such esteemed colleagues.”

NiDAR was presented through an easy-to-use interface on a single touch-screen during the exercise, highlighting its capability to integrate data from multiple sensors into a unified tactical picture. This streamlines the information necessary for controlling and responding to threats, providing a significant advantage over traditional systems that often require multiple operators to manage separate sensor screens.

Tipton further noted, “MARSS’ AI technologies were also on display, capable of autonomously identifying, categorizing and tracking potential threats while alerting users to mission-critical events in real-time.vAs a result, NiDAR is able to reduce the operator burden and associated human risk factors, as well as providing enhanced decision-support and allowing for a more rapid and accurate response.”

In this special exercise, MARSS collaborated with EOS Defense Systems USA (EOS) as the Remote Weapons Station/Cannon provider during the CUAS Hard Kill Challenge, presenting innovative and effective Counter-Unmanned Aerial Systems (CUAS) defeat options. Phil Coker, CEO of EOS, remarked, ”The Hard Kill Challenge was a great opportunity to demonstrate the power and potential of combining a very powerful and modern battle management system with a precise kinetic kill capability. This is a winning combination.”

The latest exercise follows Red Sands 23.1, which was conducted in March 2023. MARSS and EOS are now invited to participate in Red Sands 2024 (Networked Lethality) with their fully networked end-to-end CUAS solutions.

“For MARSS, the intent is to show the full NiDAR Cueing Capability live at Red Sands 2024 and defeat drones from NiDAR to EOS HK,” Tipton concluded. (Reference)

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Post Image Credit: MARSS