MARSS recently added a new addition to its expeditionary NiDAR X product range. This latest offering includes an all-in-one containerized Command and Control center equipped with advanced UAS detection and countermeasures, all seamlessly managed by MARSS’ AI-enabled NiDAR system. Designed to support forward operations and enable rapid response at critical sites, this innovative solution provides comprehensive situational awareness and effective measures against unmanned aerial systems.

In an era where unmanned aerial systems (UAS) present a growing and adaptable menace, the race to create agile and swiftly deployable solutions for detecting and countering these threats has become paramount.

MARSS has recently introduced the NiDAR X-JOC, a containerized Joint Operation Centre that serves as a comprehensive Command and Control (C2) hub. Designed for swift transportation and rapid deployment, this all-in-one solution can be operational within hours at various sites worldwide. With its proven track record in safeguarding critical infrastructure, the NiDAR X-JOC provides advanced protection and situational awareness capabilities.

The key features of the NiDAR X-JOC include cutting-edge technology, such as long-range optical and infrared cameras, enabling comprehensive 360° verification and tracking. With an integrated radar system capable of detecting threats up to 30km away and RF and GPS jamming countermeasures, the solution offers a robust defense against multiple threat vectors. All sensor data is seamlessly integrated into MARSS’ proprietary NiDAR system, which employs advanced algorithms to detect, classify, and recommend suitable responses to a wide range of threats.

X-JOC can operate independently or integrate with legacy technology such as kinetic and electronic effectors, cameras, radar, and sonar. It will also integrate with MARSS’s own RADiRguard perimeter security system.

Frederik Giepmans, Managing Director, MARSS Safety & Security, commented, “Drones are cheap, disposable, and lethal, and pose an ever-increasing threat. This has been witnessed most recently in Ukraine and on a regular basis in the Middle East. With minimized setup and shut down time – X-JOC is our most versatile product yet – ideal to act as a forward operation base or as a temporary solution while permanent systems are installed.”

The versatile X-JOC is available in both 20ft and 40ft units, offering complete modularity to cater to specific requirements. It includes dedicated Command and Control (C2) stations, making it a fully functional office and briefing room that can comfortably accommodate up to five operators. Designed with self-lifting heavy-duty legs, the system can be easily mounted on vehicles without a crane, facilitating seamless deployment. Furthermore, its adaptable design allows it to be set up on uneven terrain without requiring any foundations, ensuring operational flexibility in various environments.

X-JOC is specifically designed to operate in challenging environments, including marine locations and areas with extreme heat. Its robust construction and advanced engineering ensure reliability and functionality even in these demanding conditions. The command station is also equipped with its own integrated power generation unit, enabling it to be deployed in remote locations without relying on external power sources. This self-sufficiency enhances its versatility and makes it well-suited for various operational scenarios.

These features, making up the standard specification, are based on long-term customer feedback obtained from the field, however, X-JOC’s modular design features make it highly flexible and customizable to commercial and military requirements.

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Post Image- Interior view of the MARSS X-JOC expeditionary command and control unit (Image Credit: MARSS)