Radar and AI sensing innovator MatrixSpace has announced the MatrixSpace Radar.

This product marks the debut of a distinct collection of AI sensing devices that cater to the demand for budget-friendly, long-range sensing, tracking, monitoring, and inspection solutions, both on the ground and in the air. As the tiniest, lightest, and most portable high-capacity radar currently accessible, it expands possibilities for previously unattainable or novel applications. Digitizing the outdoors entails the capacity to gauge the dimensions, position, and motion of objects over time, reducing dependence on human perception in favor of a more thorough identification of objects and their movements.

MatrixSpace Radar is designed to cater to the unmet needs of large-scale applications that fall in between basic or limited-range radars and military grade offerings that are bulky, power-hungry, necessitate specialized expertise to operate, and are challenging to install. These include semi-autonomous mobile platforms like drones, robots, and eVTOLs, as well as general aviation such as helicopters. Additionally, it’s also suitable for security systems, target tracking systems, portable or fixed systems, and sports performance analysis.

The core objective of MatrixSpace is to deliver real-time AI edge-based sensing that can identify and track a variety of objects in any given scenario. The integration of cutting-edge sensing technologies, real-time AI edge processing, and RF communication is a significant technological advancement that will transform business models across a range of vertical markets. The MatrixSpace Radar serves as the foundational product for this open-architecture sensing platform.

Greg Waters, Co-Founder and CEO of Matrix Space commented, “We’re bringing high-performance radar and AI sensing products to mainstream industries that have never even considered their use. Our radar architecture represents a completely different way for customers across a variety of industries to digitize the outdoors, then using AI to inform them of exactly what’s out there. It’s a radically new level of situational awareness.”

Front and rear of the MatrixSpace Radar with a cell phone for size comparison (Photo Credit: MatrixSpace)

Key features of MatrixSpace Radar include: 

  • Detects and tracks objects kilometers away in the air and on the ground.
  • Operates in all weather conditions, day and night, in smoke and fog.
  • Cell phone size, weighing under a pound.
  • Ultra-low power consumption, allowing for AC power or battery/solar panel operation for remote or mobile deployment.
  • Phased array technology for fast electronic scanning plus industry leading range, angular resolution and 3D fixing capability.
  • Software-defined radar with programmable waveform and signal processing.
  • On-board radar data processing and 4D tracking (size, position and time).

Dan Nobbe, Vice President of RF and Radar Systems for MatrixSpace added further, “The opportunity to re-think radar technology is long overdue. With progress in silicon integration and AI, we can now deliver high-performance radars at a breakthrough performance, size and power.”

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