Mercury Systems, Inc., a technology firm specializing in delivering essential processing power to the edge, has announced signing a three-year subcontract valued at up to $96 million with Raytheon, an RTX business. This collaboration aims to provide high-performance signal processing sub-systems for the U.S. Army’s Lower Tier Air and Missile Defense Sensor (LTAMDS).

Within the framework of this new production agreement, Mercury will supply hardware components to Raytheon for the next nine LTAMDS radars, supporting both the U.S. Army and Poland, the inaugural international LTAMDS customer.

Having fulfilled its proof of manufacturing contract in May 2023, Mercury delivered over 160 hardware units for the initial six LTAMDS radars. This included signal data processor sub-systems, beamforming platforms, and ethernet switching hardware.

The LTAMDS, a cutting-edge air and missile defense sensor operating within the Army’s Integrated Air and Missile Defense network, features a 360-degree Active Electronically Scanned Array radar. It significantly enhances capacity and capability against advanced threats, such as hypersonic missiles. Mercury has developed an advanced, edge-ready processing solution for LTAMDS, offering U.S. and international forces an unparalleled strategic and tactical advantage on the battlefield.

Six LTAMDS radars, built by Raytheon, are progressing through integration and test activities at multiple government and Raytheon test sites. Recent milestones, including contractor verification testing and live fire tests against tactical ballistic missiles and cruise missiles, validate the radar’s performance. Formal testing is set to continue throughout 2024.