Sea 32 Multi-Domain, Manned-Unmanned Littoral Denial System is a Naval Postgraduate School thesis by Justin J. Kwan, Daniel Simoes Ferry, Alexander C. Stanislav, Zachary A. Wasson, and Matthew P. Witte.

This report presents an approach rooted in systems engineering to design a complex system of systems for manned-unmanned multi-domain littoral denial. The envisioned system spans the coming decade, focusing on flexibility and adaptability to diverse operating conditions. To achieve this, mission context scenarios were formulated, creating a range of environments that the system should be able to address, particularly relevant in near-peer competitive scenarios.

With a drive toward cost-efficiency and the integration of attributable unmanned components, comprehensive reviews of open-source platforms were conducted. These assessments gauged performance parameters, costs, and technical readiness levels. The outcomes heavily influenced the suitability and feasibility of these platforms for integration within the system.

This evaluative process led to a systematic design for each potential platform, enabling quantitative analysis of how each platform could contribute to the system’s functions in alignment with various mission scenarios. An optimization program was then applied, considering budget constraints, to identify the most optimal combinations of platforms that met the functional prerequisites.

Subsequently, each architecture derived from the optimization program underwent rigorous testing within a combat model to ensure its efficacy. These outcomes were then benchmarked against traditional littoral denial structures. A thorough analysis and comparison of each system architecture yielded valuable insights for the project sponsor, specifically at OPNAV N9I (Director of Warfare Integration).

In this process, each mission-specific system of systems displayed enhancements in specific functional assessments while exhibiting trade-offs in other operational areas.

Publication Date- June 2023

Sea 32 Multi-Domain, Manned-Unmanned Littoral Denial System contains the following major sections:

  • Introduction
  • Literature Reviews
  • Systems Engineering Process
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Mission Context Scenarios
  • Functional Analysis
  • Unmanned Platform Review
  • Value System Design and Scoring
  • System Optimization and Candidate System Generation
  • Combat Modeling
  • Modeling Results
  • Conclusion

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Authors- Justin J. Kwan, Daniel Simoes Ferry, Alexander C. Stanislav, Zachary A. Wasson, and Matthew P. Witte.

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Post Image- Proposed CONOPS Centered on the Island Of Gotland (Image Credit: Authors)