During a series of experiments at the Defence BattleLab in Dorset, MARSS demonstrated how NiDAR can enhance the end-to-end kill chain, with the support of defense brands Saab and MSI.

The threat posed by drones and other Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) to critical infrastructure, civilian life and military operations is ever-increasing, as demonstrated in recent events in Ukraine and routinely in the Middle East. Weaponized drones, which are cheap, disposable, and lethal, have made people a daily target.

NiDAR, created by MARSS, is a smart and intuitive Command and Control (C2) system that utilizes cutting-edge sensors, effectors and AI technology. By optimizing the operator interface, automating detection and reducing response time, NiDAR identifies potential threats more quickly and efficiently.

The UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) designed experiments at the Defence BattleLab to compare a traditional Command and Control (C2) system with NiDAR. In the traditional system, multiple operators use multiple data streams to compile information and develop countermeasures against identified threats. NiDAR, on the other hand, presents information and available countermeasures through a single interface that can be operated by a single user with minimal training.

In the experiment, a pilot used a tactical reconnaissance drone to simulate a threat. The results demonstrated that NiDAR’s C2 system autonomously detected the threat and analyzed the data to provide a tactical decision much faster than a traditional C2 setup that requires multiple highly trained operators.

Mike Collier, MARSS’ Business Development Manager, said about the event; “We set out to show the art of the possible, using NiDAR to create a dynamic, capable, evolving C2. This was a great opportunity to compare our system to a traditional C2 setup and show just how much more efficient operations can be.”

System includes multiple sensors

NiDAR was connected to a variety of sensors, including a SAAB Giraffe radar, L3 Harris optics, and MSI Defence countermeasures. These sensors transmitted data to the system, which NiDAR then utilized to provide the user with information and available options. This included locations and assets to be protected, object types and threat classification, as well as any available countermeasures.

Rob Balloch, MARSS VP Sales says, “Thank you to jHub, BattleLab, the UK MoD and our partners for being part of this highly successful event. We look forward to continuing the conversation and looking at how MARSS can help deliver world leading C2 to enhance national security and continue saving lives and protecting infrastructure.” (Press Release)

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