Flugplatz Loemühle GmbH has chosen to entrust the protection of Marl-Loemühle airfield’s airspace from unauthorized drones to the expertise of Nocturne Security & Defense. After a close encounter between a propeller-driven aircraft on its approach and a drone at an altitude of 300 meters, the operating company has opted to install a permanent drone detection system from Nocturne Security & Defense.

Managing Director of Flugplatz Loemühle GmbH, Peter Fechner, commented, “We are increasingly confronted with drone incidents that have a high potential for danger. After the last incident, which could easily have ended in a collision, we realized that we had to take preventative measures to ensure the continued safety of our pilots. With Nocturne Security & Defense, we found the experts in the field of drone defense who were able to provide us with a perfect solution for our requirements.”

The drone detection system, consisting of Dedrone sensors on the airport tower, enables drone detection within a radius of 5 kilometers. The system can recognize the presence of drones, read out the type and serial number, and locate the pilot.

“The incidents in Marl have once again shown how real the dangers posed by unauthorized drones are. With our extensive portfolio of drone detection and defense solutions, we can react flexibly and purposefully to all requirements. We also offer the appropriate training and service options,” says Jens Hillenkötter, CEO of Nocturne Drones.

The successful implementation of the drone detection system in Marl marks the beginning of a partnership that will also be groundbreaking for other airfields. Nocturne Security & Defense is organizing the C-UAS Challenge from March 6-7, 2024, where the entire drone detection and defense portfolio will be presented.

You can find more information at: www.anti-drone-security.com

Image Credit: Nocturne Security & Defense