Latvian company Origin has unveiled the “BEAK,” a portable Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR) drone with precision bomb-drop capability. Built upon the lessons learned from the use of consumer drones in recent conflicts, the BEAK provides users with a purpose-built custom munition bomb-drop capability configuration of two, four, or six units.

The Origin Beak drone with bomb-drop capabilities lifts off
The Origin “BEAK” drone lifts off (Image Credit: Origin)


The BEAK boasts a “class-leading” Detection, Recognition, and Identification (DRI) range with the following EO/IR Targeting Payload specifications:

  • Stabilization: 3-axis stabilization with 360-degree rotation
  • All-weather design: fully sealed
  • Zoom EO Camera: HD global shutter with 8x optical zoom
  • Spotter EO Camera: 4k rolling shutter with narrow field of view lens
  • IR Camera: High resolution 640 x 512, long rang, 19mm F1.0 lens, <40 mk sensitivity
  • Laser Pointer: Optional 850nm laser pointer

The BEAK has a take-off weight of 7.2 kg with the ISR payload and 11.2 kg with the Munition payload. The two-, four-, or six-unit munition payload can be attached in seconds without tools. End-users can request user-specific adapters depending on the munition being used. The BEAST has a 35-minute endurance and a range greater than 12 km with the Munition payload and a 60-minute endurance with a 20 km datalink range in the ISR configuration.

The BEAK advertises Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Controlled Reception Pattern Antenna (CRPA) anti-jam capabilities. For more information, please visit – Origin BEAK

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Video Credit: Origin UAV YouTube