Operational Solutions Ltd (OSL), a drone detection and security solutions leader, is collaborating with Wembley Stadium.

OSL has implemented its Drone Alert Service (DAS) to assist Wembley in establishing itself as a trailblazer in stadium safety and security. This partnership marks a significant achievement in OSL’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions that safeguard critical infrastructure and elevate the security of public spaces.

DAS stands out as the inaugural subscription-based drone detection service in the UK. With no hardware prerequisites for end users and an easily accessible online dashboard, the service monitors drone flights in real time and furnishes information to identify the pilot.

This distinctive offering is crafted to provide swift access to proven capabilities, mainly catering to customers with limited space for deploying multiple sensors. The DAS system seamlessly aligns with Wembley’s specific requirements.

Wembley’s Head of Security, Steve McGrath, commented, “The safety of our guests is our highest priority for all events at Wembley Stadium. The deployment and 24/7 monitoring of the DAS System significantly enhances our capabilities and options around the detection of drones and drone usage around Wembley Stadium.” 

Sam Lowe, Business Development Manager at OSL, added, “We are delighted to have worked with Wembley to boost the safety and well-being of their spectators. Wembley’s selection of OSL’s technology shows our ability to offer a diverse portfolio of solutions tailored to our client’s varied requirements, providing venues ranging from stadiums to airports and prisons.” 

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Post Image- Aerial View of North London and Wembley Stadium (Post Image Credit: envatoelements by wirestock