The Hub Drones of Systematic (Paris region tech ecosystem) recently developed with the French Aviation Authorities a 22km BVLOS test flight corridor in the outskirts of Paris. This was an ideal opportunity for Parrot to showcase and test the advanced 4G/5G autonomous capabilities of the Parrot ANAFI Ai.

With the challenge set and after gaining the authorities’ approval via SORA (Specific Operations Risk Assessment), the maiden approved BVLOS corridor fully autonomous 4G/5G flight was conducted with ANAFI Ai.

Details of the flight:

  • Full autonomous 4G connected flight with ANAFI Ai
  • Distance: 15km (7.5km forth and 7.5km back) in the test corridor
  • Flight duration: 25min

This flight marks a significant milestone in enabling different kinds of European drone operations and developing safe and efficient long-range corridors in busy areas through a stable and secured cellular connection. The Hub Drones of Systematic presented the program at the Paris Air Show, Le Bouget.

The Parrot Anafi Ai is a multi-purpose French-made drone that can used for inspections of buildings, telecommunications towers, wind turbines, solar panels, pipelines, and refineries. The platform can also be used for mapping, surveying, 3-D modeling, orthophotography, and real estate photography, to name a few.

Parrot Anafi Ai
Parrot Anafi Ai (Image Credit: Parrot)


The Parrot Anafi Ai integrates a Fibocom L860-GL 4G LTE module (in addition to the Wi-Fi radio), allowing it to transmit a video in 1080p with very low latency (300 ms) without range limit and everywhere in the

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