Demonstrating speeds of up to 100 kilometers per hour, OpenWorks Engineering and Robin Radar Systems unveiled their on-the-move (OTM) technology featuring stabilized AI-powered Electro-Optical/Infrared (EO/IR) and AI 3D radar. This once again underscores the power of collaboration in achieving success.

OpenWorks Engineering and Robin Radar Systems proudly announce the inaugural customer demonstration of a fully autonomous OTM capability, with the results set to be presented at the DSEI event in London this week.

Vision Flex is an adaptable optical system with various upgrade options, enabling it to be tailored for static or mobile applications. It employs Inertial Navigation Systems, Dual-GPS, and a custom balanced gyro mount in demanding vehicle installations. This configuration enables precise automated slew-to-cue operations, utilizing AI-based classification, and offers close target tracking at extended ranges for accurate target identification.

IRIS® is a comprehensive 3D counter-drone radar system. With the added on-the-move capability, it can detect and classify drones while deployed on a mobile vehicle or platform traveling at speeds of up to 100 kilometers per hour. IRIS® OTM tracks drones in motion, providing height information and the positions of tracked drones in all directions, offering users early warnings of approaching drones and valuable reaction time.

Chris Down, Managing Director of OpenWorks Engineering, said, “We are very proud of all that has been gained by bringing together these well-matched AI-powered high-accuracy sensors. There was high repeatability in autonomous slew-to-cues both at high speed and during complex maneuvers. This could not have been achieved so readily without continued collaboration between the OpenWorks and Robin Radar teams.”

Marcel Verdonk, Chief Commercial Officer of Robin Radar Systems, said, “It’s fantastic that Robin is continuing to push for innovation with our trusted partner, OpenWorks. This integration shows how fast
two-step drone classification can be, especially when using radar detection to close in optical tracking. With the addition of proven on-the-move capability, this unique integration will especially benefit military
and police end-users who need to protect vehicle convoys and personnel while on the move.”

Vision Flex and IRIS® are already deployed globally in multi-sensor integrated CUAS (Counter-Unmanned Aircraft Systems) systems. IRIS® offers long-range 3D radar detection and classification through advanced micro-doppler technology enhanced with Deep Neural Network (DNN) capabilities. Vision Flex provides fully autonomous optical classification and tracking, harnessing embedded twin-AI technology with EO/IR sensors.

OpenWorks Engineering has had a year marked by innovation, introducing new capabilities such as Vision Flex CUAS, which was utilized in testing the Robin Radar and OpenWorks system. This multi-role, autonomous optical surveillance solution boasts targeting and tracking capabilities suitable for various applications, including Border Protection, Maritime and Coastal Surveillance, Base Protection, Homeland Security, and UGS/USV (Uncrewed Ground Systems/Uncrewed Surface Vehicles). (Press Release)

Post Image Credit: Robin Radar