NEW YORKNov. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Pharovision and Sentrycs have been selected by the FAA to conduct a three-month detection and mitigation test at Atlantic City International Airport. The testing period started in early July with a view to determine the efficacy of drone tracking, identification, and mitigation capabilities in airports. Sentrycs and Pharovisions’ complementary technologies identify and subdue any rogue or unfriendly unmanned aircraft system (UAS) that an airport encounters.

The Section 383 program requires the FAA to test and evaluate systems that detect potential drone threats. The FAA testing regimen serves to ensure that technologies or systems that are developed, tested, or deployed by authorized federal departments and agencies to detect and mitigate potential risks posed by errant or hostile unmanned aircraft system (UAS) or drone operations do not adversely impact or interfere with the safe and efficient operation of the National Airspace System (NAS).

Drone incidents at airports, whether criminal or careless in origin, have increased exponentially in recent years, with reports in multiple major hubs, from Gatwick to Regan National. As drone technology becomes more sophisticated, the frequency of collisions or attacks accelerates, and the potential impact is more substantial – ranging from runway shutdowns to catastrophic damage to an aircraft. This year, over 60% of drone-aircraft close encounters occurred within 200 feet of an airport – with the proliferation and evolution of drone threats, it has never been more imperative to secure American airports with tried and tested counter-drone technology.

“Sentrycs’ solution, based on powerful RF protocol analytics, is specially designed for countering unauthorized drones at airports without causing disruption, ensuring detection and interception of a drone is achieved without collateral damage or interference with the airport’s day-to-day operations. Combining our technology with Pharovision’s detection expertise is a showcase in industry collaboration and advanced counter-drone security, and we are proud to demonstrate our capabilities in conjunction with such a crucial national security program,” said Yoav Zaltzman, CEO at Sentrycs

“We are delighted to be involved in the FAA’s national security program in order to help protect airports from the ever-increasing drone threat. We at Pharovision, alongside our partners Sentrycs, are encouraged to see our joint detection technologies test successfully in these early stages. With the focus on testing by the FAA, in parallel with the continuous refinement of detection and mitigation techniques by our industry, we are confident future airport counter-drone solutions will be comprehensive, clinical and keep up with the criminal drone operator,” said Yuval Milo, Founding Partner at Pharovision.

Pharovision and Sentrycs combined their technological solutions to provide defense in depth for counter-drone airport solutions to enhance the effectiveness of the tracking and identification of rogue and hostile drones. Sentrycs’ activity is fed to Pharovision through an open API to combine identification and tracking information. Pharovision’s unique scanning EO/IR detection systems work in tandem with Sentrycs’ cutting-edge techniques to identify and track unauthorized drones. (Press Release)

About Pharovision

Pharovision is the world leader in scanning EO/IR auto-detection systems for the aviation market. Pharovision’s detection systems automatically scan and alert the user of targets, day or night, using an infrared and electro-optical scanning payload and advanced proprietary image-processing algorithms, allowing our systems to scan for both aerial and terrestrial targets regardless of surface. These 100% passive systems excel at detecting drones, birds/wildlife, FOD, and intruders. Pharovision’s auto-detection systems are also capable of remote manual user control, allowing for enhanced observation, target tracking, and study of specific targets on a real-time basis. See what our systems can do at

About Sentrycs

Sentrycs is a leader in integrated counter-drone solutions, supported by innovative technology designed to identify, mitigate, and, where necessary, intercept unauthorized drones custom-built for various environments – including airports, borders, prisons, critical infrastructure, and mass events. Founded in 2017, Sentrycs has offices in Israel and the US, serving customers worldwide. By uniting its field-proven technology and expertise in global drone environments, Sentrycs is leading the way toward a safer and more secure drone-driven future. Learn more at

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