According to a recent post on Telegram by Mykhailo Fedorov, the Ukraine Minister of Digital Transformation, the Piranha AVD 360 electronic warfare system has passed a series of field tests and is ready for production and distribution to their armed forces.

The post as translated by (free version), is as follows:

The Piranha AVD 360 is a unique electronic warfare system for strengthening the Defense Forces. The technology helps to more effectively protect armored vehicles and personnel from enemy drones.

The system creates a protective dome up to 600 meters around itself. Under the influence of the system, a copter or kamikaze drone cannot receive commands or transmit data. As a result, the “bird” either hovers in the air, makes an emergency landing, or falls uncontrollably.

Piranha also jams satellite navigation systems, such as Russia’s GLONASS. The system has now successfully passed field tests and is ready for mass production.

Technology and innovation are the key to our victory. They help us to destroy the enemy more effectively and save lives of our military. If you work on defense projects

Translated with (free version)

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Post Image Credit: Piranha-Tech