Seasoned law enforcement officers will tell you there is no such thing as a “routine” traffic stop. A traffic stop last week in Tennessee supports that argument when the Bells Police Department (TN) was able to stop a scheme to deliver contraband into a Tennessee prison, reports Yahoo News.

The situation unfolded when officers from the Bells Police Department conducted a traffic stop on Wednesday for a traffic violation. Upon stopping the vehicle, authorities reported that the passenger fled the car while carrying a backpack.

While the driver was detained, officers searched the vehicle while others pursued the fleeing passenger.

During the search of the car, law enforcement officers discovered and seized 48 fentanyl pills, 3.5 pounds of tobacco, multiple cell phones with chargers, paraphernalia, memory cards, mesh bags, and a drone equipped with a controller and spare batteries. Police stated that the drone was outfitted with a mechanism to carry and drop mesh bags filled with contraband.

Overall image of items seized during the traffic stop in Tennessee- drugs, money, drone, batteries, drone controller, dropping mechanism, etc.
items seized in the traffic stop by law enforcement (Image Credit: WTDTF)


Investigators successfully retrieved the suspect’s backpack, which was found to contain approximately one pound of marijuana.

Further inquiry uncovered that the suspects were en route to the Northwest Correctional Complex in Lake County. Agents allege that the drone was intended to be utilized to drop mesh bags filled with contraband within the prison premises.

Post Image Credit- WTDTF