Major police presence will move into Qatar to aid in policing during the Qatar World Cup. Forces from the USA, Britain, Turkey, France, and other nations will come together.

Preparing for the Qatar World Cup, major police presence will be coming in to aid FIFA and The Gulf Nation to prevent any “football hooliganism” or potential terrorism during the upcoming controversial tournament.  

Multinational force at the World Cup

To prepare for about 1.2 million fans worldwide to enter Qatar, a combination of police forces from the United States, Britain, Turkey, France, South Korea, Italy, and Pakistan will work together to ensure safety around the Fifa World Cup 2022. The groups of authorities are being sent to provide security at all stadiums hosting matches in Doha and at all hotels where the national teams will be staying. These decisions are part of Qatar’s ‘Operation World Cup Shield’.  

Other news sources like The Sun state that Turkey’s special operations unit, the Polis-Ozel-Harekat, and the French Riot police that were involved in the tear-gassing at last seasons Champions League final will be “keeping punters in line” from day 1 of this year’s tournament on November 20th.  

Turkish forces are playing a huge role in the security of this year’s events. They will be supplying 3,000 riot police along with offering a warship to further the security of the World Cup. A ship along with 250 troops has been sent to Doha sometime in the past month.  

Along with troops and a warship, Turkey is expected to send 100 special operations police, 50 bomb specialists, along with 80 dogs including sniffer dogs and riot dogs. They will be leading the chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear defense at the World Cup tournament.  

Qatari officials will not be able to give the Turkish police orders according to a Turkish source speaking to Reuters. Turkish officials will be the only ones providing orders to their troops and enforcement.  

The Royal Air Force and The Royal Navy will also be sending units to aid in counter-terrorism efforts. Their role will be to de-escalate issues and act as a buffer between fans and other local forces during the Qatar World Cup 2022. These UK forces are familiar with the local troops in Qatar, as they carry out drills on a regular basis with their counterparts.  

Specialists in anti-drone policing from France will make up an immense portion of their own force. There will also be bomb-disposal experts, sniffer dogs, anti-terror units, and police who will serve as a bolster against football hooligans making up the 191 member unit.