Protecting the Perimeter: Unmanned Aircraft Systems Enhance National Airport Security is a Naval Postgraduate School thesis by Robert L. Scott.

Airport perimeter security serves as the primary defense against unauthorized access to restricted areas, playing a critical role in ensuring overall safety and security at airports. Traditionally, these security measures comprised physical barriers and basic closed-circuit television monitoring. However, technological advancements have led to the evolution of airport perimeter security systems, incorporating multiple layers of innovative security technologies.

These advanced systems now include modern thermal and infrared cameras, sophisticated video surveillance systems, and innovative perimeter intrusion detection systems. Such systems encompass fence disturbance sensors, microwave motion detection systems, electric field sensors, buried cable detection systems, ground-based radar systems, and optical-based detection and analytics.

With continuous advancements in science and technology, an increasing array of innovative solutions is expected to further enhance existing perimeter security systems. A qualitative case study has been conducted to explore these technologies’ effectiveness and implementation. This exploration presents evidence and insights from cases involving technology implementation and usage to improve airport perimeter security in the United States.

Secondary data, including gray and peer-reviewed literature, have been analyzed, focusing on technology utilization for airport perimeter security. Specifically, three cases have been explored: unmanned aerial systems (UASs), biometric technologies, and miscellaneous technologies. The findings highlight the significant potential of UASs and biometric technology-based security systems in bolstering airport perimeter security.

Publication Date– December 2023

Protecting the Perimeter: Unmanned Aircraft Systems Enhance National Airport Security contains the following major sections:

  • Introduction
  • Airport Perimeter Security and Technology Applications
  • Methods
  • Analysis, Discussion, and Recommendations

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