CRFS has announced the successful integration of its RF technology as a sensor option within the RAFAEL Drone Dome™ solution. RAFAEL has already deployed the first operational systems with a European MoD / NATO partner and will subsequently offer enhanced RF technology to existing and future customers.

RAFAEL’s Drone Dome™ has garnered significant recognition as a potent off-the-shelf solution for end-to-end cUAS (counter unmanned aircraft system), providing reliable protection against hostile drones. Recently, RAFAEL collaborated with CRFS to amplify the RF detection and geolocation capabilities of Drone Dome™ on behalf of a NATO partner based in Europe. CRFS’s renowned RFeye technology, known for its precision in RF-based drone detection across multiple threat vectors and an expansive operational range in the cUAS domain, has been seamlessly integrated into the system.

Hostile drones are one of the fastest-growing threats, posing serious security concerns. Incidents of autonomous drones in applications from ISR, targeting, and as a direct attack vector are dramatically increasing worldwide. By successfully integrating the RFeye technology as a sensor to their Drone Dome™ C4i, RAFAEL can offer enhanced detection and geolocation range, resulting in unprecedented operational gains and enabling new concepts of operation. The RFeye receiver offers industry-leading RF performance in a rugged and simple deployment, with advanced detection, geolocation, and data filtering/streaming services through simple-to-integrate open APIs.

“We are delighted with the capability enhancement we have been able to offer our clients on the basis of this integration project,” says Mr. Rafi Amir, Business Development lead at Rafael. “CRFS is a recognized leader in their domain of RF-based detection and geolocation of airborne targets, so all Drone Dome™ customers and partners can benefit from our enhanced capabilities in this important domain.”

Pio Szyjanowicz (COO at CRFS) commented, “We are extremely proud to support RAFAEL with enhanced cUAS capabilities and be the trusted RF sensor solution for Drone Dome™. It has been a pleasure to collaborate with RAFAEL’s engineering team and create a platform that RAFAEL customers can benefit from. CRFS works closely with end customers, system integrators, and international partners, delivering technologically advanced capabilities that provide actionable RF intelligence, real-time situational awareness, and enable spectrum dominance.”

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