The Joint Counter-small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (C-sUAS) Office (JCO) is seeking sources and information to identify the cost and ability to support target procurement, preparation, and piloting of swarm attacks for ongoing and future JCO events. The JCO intends to conduct a demonstration in 3rd Quarter, FY 2024 to observe current counter-swarm technologies.  As part of the demonstration, the JCO will present Swarm Targets of no less than 20 but up to 50 individual aircraft (Group 1 and Group 2) and no less than six Group 3 aircraft at one time.

This is a Request for Information. This request is for planning purposes, and shall not be construed as a solicitation announcement, invitation for bids, request for proposals, request for quotes or an indication that the government will contract for the items contained in this notice.

C-sUAS Swarm Target Aircraft Specifications

1.  System Specifications

  • System Characteristics
  • Controller Characteristics (include max quantity of aircraft per 1 controller)
  • C2 and Video frequency and communication protocols, such as:
    • Futaba FHSS; 2.4GHz
    • Dragonlink V2; 433MHz
    • RMILEC V2; 433 MHz
    • TBS Crossfire; 915 MHz
    • RFD900; 915MHz
  • Flight Safety Systems
  • Navigation Type(s)
  • Swarm Operating Minimum Distance between aircraft
  • Additional pertinent information

2.  Target Stepladder Pricing:

  • Group 1/2 Swarm Air Vehicle (A/V) pricing: 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 targets and/or
  • Group 3 A/V pricing: 1, 5, 10 and 30

*Only provide pricing information for targets that are not RIZER mitigated and are able to be sanitized (removal of all tracking and/or reporting hardware/software) prior to the test event.

3.  Operator/Pilot Sourcing Feasibility:

  • Does the respondent have trained operators (Groups 1 and 2) and/or pilots (Group 3)? How many?
  • Do the operators and/or pilots have SECRET clearance(s)?
  • Are the operators and/or pilots trained to fly the swarm quantities of 50 (Group 1 / 2) and/or 6 for Group 3

4.  Production Timeline Capability:

  • What is the feasibility of your company delivering up to 500 Group 1 / 2 targets and/or 30 Group 3 targets by NLT 01 May 2024?
  • If unable to deliver a full quantity of 500 Group 1 / 2 targets and / or 30 Group 3 targets, what quantity can be delivered by 01 May 2024?
  • If your company can deliver the quantities noted above by 01 May 2024, what production and delivery capabilities will remain for 90 days and 180 days after initial delivery?

5.  Provide Company information to include:

Name, Mailing Address, and CAGE Code (if available). Business Size Status for the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code of this RFI. Technical and Business Points of Contact to include: Telephone Numbers and Email Addresses.


All written responses shall be submitted no later than Thursday, 27 July, 2023 at 1600 EDT via email submission to Ms. Jolynda Ivy.

Subject line must read RFI/C-sUAS Swarm Demonstration Target Aircraft-[Company Name]. Example: RFI/SSA C-sUAS Swarm Demonstration Target Aircraft -ABC Inc.

Please submit all RFI/SSA responses in writing to only.

Contractors shall not contact any Government personnel regarding this RFI other than the individual designated above. Contacting any Government personnel other than the individual designated above may result in an organizational conflict of interest (OCI) and may result in a contractor being excluded from the anticipated competition and consideration for award.

Original Publish Date: July 19, 2023, 03:02 pm EDT

Original Reponse Date: July 27, 2023, 04:00 pm EDT

For more information, please visit RFI- Joint C-sUAS Office (JCO) C-sUAS Swarm Demonstration Target Aircraft on

Post Image- Team Blacksheep (TBS) Tango 2 FPV RC Radio Drone Controller (Image Credit: Team Blacksheep)