During a successful joint performance demonstration event to VVIPs in Vredepeel, Netherlands, Robin Radar Systems and Marduk Technologies collaborated to finalize the integration of their flagship drone detection radar and electro-optical sensors, IRIS® and Marduk Shark.

Marduk Shark and IRIS® are both already mission-proven and deployed in modular, multi-sensor integrated CUAS solutions across the globe. IRIS® provides long-range radar detection and classification in full 3D using advanced micro-doppler technology enhanced with deep learning. Marduk Shark is a high-performance electro-optical C-UAS precision targeting platform with a gimbal speed of up to 270 degrees per second. The system is designed to detect, recognize and target various fast-moving small and medium-sized unmanned air systems.

This seamless integration of two highly accurate, compatible sensors proves the advantage of multi-layered protection when the synergy between sensors compliments each other, resulting in a low false-alarm rate for end-users. The unique offering of this collaboration is the increased range of optical detection and tracking, advanced precision in holding the track on a moving drone, and visual verification of the drone payload.

IRIS® connects to the GUI of Marduk Shark intuitively, allowing minimal operator engagement for simple operation and control and a faster set-up time.

The success of this demo highlights the importance of having a multi-layered CUAS approach. Detection and tracking carried out by two sensors simultaneously drastically reduce the number of false alarms a solution will face, and the increased range gives teams precious time to respond to a drone threat.

Robin and Marduk will continue testing this sensor integration against other targets and at greater ranges in the coming months and will demonstrate the system’s capability across Europe and beyond.

For further technical information, contact the Robin or Marduk team.

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Post Image- Robin Radar Iris (Image Credit- Robin Radar)