Robin Radar Systems has recently announced that its drone detection technology has successfully met the latest CPNI Certification standards set by the UK National Protective Security Authority (previously known as the Centre for Protection of National Infrastructure).

Technology leader in tracking and classification of small objects, Robin Radar Systems, has been awarded certification from the National Protective Security Authority (NPSA), for its flagship counter-drone radar, IRIS®.

The NPSA’s certification framework provides customers with a reliable means of evaluating and addressing security risks associated with unmanned aerial systems. The framework accomplishes this by subjecting CUAS technologies to thorough testing and certification, ensuring their versatility in protecting critical infrastructure and other applications that require fixed or permanent protection. Robin Radar Systems’ IRIS® counter-drone radar has successfully met these rigorous standards.

IRIS® is a fully operational 3D drone radar designed specifically for drone detection and tracking. It boasts a 360-degree azimuth coverage and an impressive 60-degree elevation coverage, allowing it to detect approaching drones from all directions and provide an early warning, allowing for prompt reaction. Additionally, IRIS® complies with the MIL-STD standard, ensuring it meets the required military specifications for reliability and performance.

The NPSA assessed the IRIS® radar to detect, track and classify drones using a number of metrics including performance, detection of various drone types, launch times and number of false alarms; with Robin’s Drone Viewer software also evaluated for drone range and height data.

IRIS® is a low SWaP (size, weight and power) drone radar based on unique patented ‘back-to-back’ phased array radars covering the full 360 degrees. Easily one of the best-performing drone radars in the world for classification range, accurate height information in full 3D also enables quick detection and mitigation of rogue drones and seamless integration with other sensors.

“We’re a different class of radar company, dedicated to tracking birds and drones,” said Marcel Verdonk, Robin Radar Systems’ CCO. “We make military capabilities available to protect people and critical infrastructure, and this certification from NPSA further strengthens our role as a technology leader in this field.”

Robin Radar Systems

Robin is one of the fastest-growing technology companies in the Netherlands, providing actionable information to increase safety and security with its bird and drone radars. Its bird radars are used for bird strike avoidance at civil and military airports globally, as well as for mitigating the impact of wind farms on birds. Its drone radars are used at airports, and for protecting critical infrastructure, military installations, and security events the world over. Robin’s installed base of radars is over 200 and counting. For more info, visit 


The National Protective Security Authority (NPSA) is the UK’s National Technical Authority for physical and personnel protective security, maintaining expertise in counter-terrorism and state threats. NPSA is a part of the Security Service, MI5, and has absorbed the responsibilities of the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure, but with a broader remit; reflecting the fact that the threats the UK faces today extend far beyond critical national infrastructure.

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