Robotican, a prominent autonomous robotics and drone innovator, and Elsight Ltd, a renowned leader in uncrewed system connectivity solutions, have joined forces to enhance connectivity in Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) counter Unmanned Aerial Systems (Counter-UAS) military and defense operations.

Military and defense entities worldwide have incorporated Counter-UAS technologies into their arsenals to detect and thwart adversarial drones. A standout example is Robotican’s Goshawk, a fully autonomous drone proficient in executing interception missions by intercepting adversary drones mid-flight (Surgical Discreet C-UAS mitigation). Its autonomous capabilities encompass in-flight target detection, precise tracking, secure locking, target pursuit, and capture.

Elsight’s Halo, a platform providing robust and secure connectivity through multi-link bonded communications, enhances the Goshawk’s flight performance. This platform creates a bonded tunnel utilizing links from LTE, 5G, SatCom, and RF channels, ensuring continuous uptime and connection between the drone (UAV or UAS) and the ground control station.

“Even in regions with minimal signal coverage, Elsight’s Halo can provide a quick and consistent connection between the Goshawk aircraft and its control station,” said Robotican’s CEO Hagai Balashi. “Elsight’s Halo system delivers the most solid LTE link that Robotican had ever experienced, in addition to high-quality data streaming. The Halo performed seamless handover of the aircraft control from one pilot to another, thereby reducing the risk of C2 failure significantly.

“Elsight is proud to partner with Robotican in its dedication to maintain safe skies with its Goshawk system, an exceptional example of hostile drone interception capabilities,” said Yoav Amitai, Elsight’s CEO. “By working together, we have significantly accelerated the ‘detect, react, and eliminate’ process by enhanced situational awareness.”

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Post Image- Robotican Goshawk (Image Credit: Robotican)