A fresh £135 million contract to fortify UK security will furnish the Royal Navy with state-of-the-art decoy launchers, enhancing their capability to counter missile and drone threats. This investment ensures warships’ sustained availability and resilience in the long term.

With the recent contract signing, the implementation of Trainable Decoy Launcher technology will significantly elevate the safeguarding of Royal Navy vessels and personnel, reinforcing the Navy’s capacity to safeguard Britain’s interests globally, including in regions like the Red Sea.

This initiative responds to the escalating threats posed by advancing missile and drone technologies, equipping Royal Navy ships with cutting-edge decoy launchers with optimized maneuverability. This capability enables the defense of warships without necessitating alterations to their course.

The development of this innovative system, leveraging sophisticated technology, will be undertaken at the Systems Engineering & Assessment Ltd (SEA) site in North Devon and Chess’s facilities in Sussex. This endeavor will sustain up to 150 jobs, contributing to economic growth. Both SEA and Chess are entities within the UK-based Cohort plc group.

Under the Trainable Decoy Launcher contract, Type 26 and Type 31 frigates and Type 45 destroyers will be equipped with an innovative trainable countermeasure launcher system.

This advanced technology of Trainable Decoy Launchers introduces an upgraded decoy launcher system, allowing swift deployment of decoys against contemporary missile threats without necessitating vessel maneuvers. The launcher can deploy various countermeasures to effectively counter hostile missiles, including chaff, flares, and ‘corner reflector’ rounds.

Awarded by Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S), the contract has been secured by SEA and entails a fully UK-designed and built solution. SEA has collaborated with Chess Dynamics and Frazer-Nash Consultancy (FNC) to deliver this cutting-edge product.

Post Image- Decoy Launcher (Image Credit: UK MOD)