SAAB will debut its new Deployment Set configuration for the Giraffe 1X radar at Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) in London next week.

The updated deployment set design prioritizes ease of transport, rapid relocation, and swift operational readiness—attributes highly advantageous in contemporary battlefield scenarios or situations where airborne threats from any direction pose a significant risk to stationary facilities.

The Giraffe 1X Deployment Set is an effortlessly deployable, compact, and sturdy 3D AESA radar system powered by software. Its compact form factor and extensive search range of 75 kilometers render it exceptionally suitable for urgent missions with constrained options. The Giraffe 1X Deployment Set proves to be a versatile solution suitable for both mobile and stationary installations.

Carl-Johan Bergholm, who leads Saab’s Surveillance business area, spotlights the exceptional deployability of the Giraffe 1X Deployment Set, emphasizing its ability to provide comprehensive air situational awareness upon deployment quickly. He underlines the commitment to continually push the envelope, ensuring operational forces have the time to respond effectively.

The Giraffe 1X system equips commanders with precise air defense target information, the capability to detect drones for counter-UAS purposes, and an early warning system for rockets, artillery, and mortar threats. What sets Giraffe 1X apart is its capacity for ongoing software upgrades and adapting to evolving threats and challenges. (Press Release)

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Post Image- SAAB Giraffe 1X Radar (Image Credit: SAAB)