(SiLC), a pioneer in advancing integrated single-chip Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) LiDAR solutions has announced a significant breakthrough in machine vision technology. The company’s Eyeonic Vision Sensor now achieves a detection range exceeding 2 kilometers, establishing a new benchmark in the industry. This milestone not only represents a doubling of SiLC’s previous record but also surpasses the capabilities of any existing LiDAR system. The extended range and precision of the Eyeonic Vision Sensor play a crucial role in applications such as uncrewed autonomous system (UAS) detection and discrimination, an area where SiLC closely collaborates with High Point Aerotechnologies (HPA).

Dr. Jeff Maas, CTO of High Point Aerotechnologies, commented, “SiLC has made tremendous strides in advancing LiDAR technology for perimeter security and drone detection. Their investments in extending range, polarimetry, waveform control, and optical signal processing for the Eyeonic Vision Sensor endeavors to enhance target differentiation of ambiguous targets in clutter-limited environments. This LiDAR technology is a crucial complement to radar and visible/infrared camera sensors.”

Dr. Mehdi Asghari, CEO of SiLC Technologies, added, “Our latest achievement with the Eyeonic Vision Sensor is not just about setting new records; it’s about enabling practical, real-world applications that require the highest levels of precision and reliability. Our collaboration with HPA to incorporate LiDAR into their Counter-UAS systems is a testament to the versatility and impact of our technology.”

The Eyeonic Vision Sensor from SiLC, equipped with an advanced FMCW LiDAR System-on-Chip (SoC), stands as a key element in the company’s innovative strategy for machine vision. Its functionalities are pivotal in applications that demand advanced warning and comprehensive environmental understanding, particularly in perimeter security and drone detection areas.

In the upcoming CES 2024 event, SiLC will showcase the remarkable range and precision capabilities of the Eyeonic Vision Sensor from January 9-12 in Las Vegas. For additional information or to arrange an appointment, please reach out to SiLC at contact@SiLC.com.

About High Point Aerotechnologies

High Point Aerotechnologies is a global leader in counter-uncrewed autonomous systems (CUxS / CUAS) solution development across air, land, and maritime domains. Its innovative physical solutions and DefenseOS open architecture software environment enable operations at machine speed to detect, identify, track, and defeat UAS and other conventional and autonomous threats. High Point offers an array of integrated, interoperable solutions to provide fixed, mobile, and distributed C-UAS capabilities for civilian, military, and critical infrastructure clients. Formed through the merger of Black Sage Technologies and Liteye Systems, High Point has active C-UAS solution deployments in more than 15 countries worldwide. Learn more at www.highpointaerotech.com.

About SiLC Technologies

On a mission to enable machines to see like humans, SiLC Technologies is bringing forth its deep expertise in silicon photonics to advance market deployment of FMCW LiDAR solutions. The company’s breakthrough 4D+ Eyeonic Chip integrates all photonics functions needed to enable a coherent vision sensor, offering a tiny footprint while addressing the need for low cost and low power. SiLC’s innovations target robotics, autonomous vehicles, biometrics, security, industrial automation, and other leading markets.

SiLC was founded in 2018 by silicon photonics industry veterans with decades of commercial product development and manufacturing experience. SiLC’s 4D LiDAR chip has been recognized by Frost & Sullivan as ideally positioned to disrupt the global LiDAR market, and the company has been named a Cool Vendor in Silicon Photonics by Gartner. Investors in SiLC include Dell Technology Capital, Sony Innovation Fund by IGV, FLUXUNIT – ams OSRAM Ventures, UMC Capital, Alter Ventures, and Epson.

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Post Image Credit- SiLC