Skyfire Consulting (Skyfire), the most trusted and experienced public safety UAS consulting group, and AeroVigilance, a leading Counter-UAS consulting and training company, announced a strategic partnership today. This newly formed partnership brings decades of combined real-world experience in law enforcement, incident response, offensive drone, and defensive drone missions to help organizations proactively defend against threats.

Partnership Will Expand Solutions

The founders of AeroVigilance, Casey Flanagan and Tom Adams, bring over 30 years of combined experience in law enforcement and technical operations with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). They have extensive experience in urban, homeland security Counter-UAS operations throughout the United States at high-profile public events and venues such as the Super Bowl, World Series, and the Rose Bowl, to name a few. Both AeroVigilance and Skyfire are platform agnostic and can provide clients with a wide variety of solutions, depending on the needs of their clients.

Matt Sloane, Skyfire Founder and CEO, commented, “Adding counter-UAS to Skyfire’s already robust suite of offerings is a natural next step, and something that will benefit our clients immediately.” Sloane continued, “With increased adoption of offensive initiatives like drone first responder programs, partnering with an organization lead by two of the most experienced CUAS experts adds a complete 360-degree approach to security not currently offered in the market.”

This strategic partnership reconnects Mike Rogers, Vice President of Public Safety for Skyfire with Adams and Flanagan. The trio previously worked together at the FBI. This partnership will immediately provide clients with a complete suite of solutions that includes training from industry experts, customized technology solutions, mentor support, policies, and procedures.

“Simply put, this partnership with Skyfire was formed to help defend people, places, and things from threats above,” said Tom Adams, Co-Founder of AeroVigilance. “AeroVigilance is currently the only company bringing extensive urban homeland security Counter-UAS experience to the private and public-safety sector, and we’re thrilled to serve the large network Skyfire has built during the past decade.”

C-UAS Hub Recently Launched

AeroVigilance recently launched C-UAS Hub, an online information resource for Counter-UAS and airspace awareness. The site features news, original articles, vendors, products, services, jobs, events, and a robust multimedia resource library.

February Security Webinar Announced

AeroVigilance and Skyfire recently announced a free webinar on Counter-UAS, offensive, and defensive solutions. The webinar will be held on February 1st, 2023, at 1:00 pm ET.