Per the Korean Herald, the South Korean government announced a plan to introduce airspace awareness and protection systems to prevent terrorist attacks from targeting important national facilities with drones. 

The meeting of the 16th National Counter Terrorism Committee approved the plan to deploy Counter-UAS systems. It will be implemented in key facilities such as oil refineries and power plants in order of importance. 

The government also looks to actively support and promote research and development of Counter-UAS technology and amend related laws and systems. This will increase South Korea’s readiness against potential drone attacks by terrorists. 

Prime Minister Han Duck-soo calls for the country to strengthen anti-drone capabilities and to reinforce preparedness against malicious use of armed drones by terrorists. He explains that the government sees terrorism will remain a global threat as a result of continuing political unrest in some African countries and the expansion of terrorist groups in the Middle East and Southwest Asia.

The South Korean government will also establish a new counter-terrorism unit in 18 strategically important regions where important critical infrastructure is located.

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