According to the Korea Times and NHK,  South Korea’s military has established a specialized drone unit to counter unmanned incursions from North Korea. The Drone Operations Command was officially inaugurated in a ceremony led by the Joint Chiefs of Staff in Pocheon, a northern city.

This initiative was developed following a series of North Korean drone incursions into South Korean airspace in December. The South Korean military’s inability to intercept the drones in December exposed its inadequate preparedness in detecting, tracking, and neutralizing such airborne threats.

The new unit is a collaborative effort involving the South Korean Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps. Its responsibilities encompass drone-based surveillance, reconnaissance, and strike operations.

Major General Lee Bo-hyung, the inaugural commander, emphasized that any provocations involving drones would be met with an immediate and overwhelming response.

South Korean reports suggest that officials are considering a strategy to outnumber North Korean drones by more than ten to one.

A message from President Yoon Suk-yeol, reportedly conveyed during the ceremony, emphasized that the new unit must build trust among the populace and instill fear in the enemy.

Post Image- Drone Command Inauguration Ceremony (Image Credit: Joint Chiefs of Staff)