Public utilities, energy research facilities, the military, and city and provincial governments in South Korea have jointly advocated for counter-drone measures to safeguard the nation’s critical energy-related installations from potential drone threats, The Korea Times reported at the end of December.

In response to the recent use of drones by Russia and Ukraine in attacks on each other’s territories, including nuclear power plants, nuclear waste storage sites, and other energy infrastructure, the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy organized a seminar on enhancing existing counter-drone systems for these facilities last month.

Vice Minister of Trade, Industry, and Energy Kang Kyeong-sung highlighted the escalating targeting of key national infrastructure by drone attacks in state-to-state conflicts. He characterized the incidents in the Russia-Ukraine war as a new facet of modern warfare.

“A new counter-drone system should be further developed jointly by the country’s private, government and military sectors,” Kang said during the seminar at Korea Electric Power Corp. (KEPCO) Art Center in Seoul. “The comprehensive system should be set up in different regions across the country where industrial complexes are concentrated.”

Participants in the seminar agreed on the need for a comprehensive system to protect key large-scale industrial complexes in various locations across South Korea, including Changwon, Yeosu, and Gumi. The proposed system should involve a multi-layered defense network coordinated by the military and various government levels.

The seminar also included discussions on the outcomes of tests for a new system in development, along with the establishment of guidelines. Approximately 100 attendees, including executives from state-run utility firms, the military, and government representatives, attended the event.

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