Naval forces in South Korea have conducted their first exercises of the New Year in waters surrounding the Korean Peninsula. Air-defense drills were also conducted by the South Korean military the following day to counter potential encounters with small-sized enemy drones. 

The military held Counter-UAS training supervised by the Joint Chiefs of Staff. These training sessions were held in Gyeonggi and northern Gangwon Provinces and the greater Seoul area. The Army’s Ground Operations Command, Capital Defense Command, and Air Command, along with the Air Force Operations Command were involved in the drill. 

These exercises occurred after President Yoon Suk Yeol, President of South Korea, ordered his military to prepare for immediate retaliation against North Korean provocations. 

Over the last week, North Korea entered South Korean airspace. North Korea sent five drones over the border, one of which reached the northern fringes of a no-fly zone over the presidential office. The military denied claims at first but ended up admitting to the breach. 

The Navy mentioned that it staged maneuvers in eastern, western, and southern waters, mobilizing 13 warships and four aircraft. 

Off the western shore of Taean, there was live-fire training. This training utilized the Eulji Mundeok destroyer. The Navy also executed tactical training, ensuring they could move in rows and veer side to side. 

Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Lee Jong-ho oversaw the drills. He ordered troops to maintain the readiness posture so they could promptly deal with any enemy provocation.

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